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Treatments At Lux
Dentistry is a subspecialty of Medicine, and is one of few branches of medicine that is considered a science-dependent art. A painter appropriately utilizes the variety of colors on his or her palette to project his or her thoughts. Similarly in Dentistry, the success of a treatment plan is dependent on the ability of the Doctor to provide options to a patient, select the appropriate tools to deliver the mutually selected plan, and to put together his or her skills to arrive at a masterpiece.

At Lux, our Doctors (Artists) understand that often times there are a multitude of options when selecting a treatment plan. We make every effort to sit down and discuss each of these options that are available for you. We also understand that your time is precious, and that is why we attempt to bring the specialists you need under one roof. Additionally, our schedule allows us to offer our expertise to you 7 days a week and take your call 365 days a year. And YES, you can finance your treatment at LUX.

Although it is impossible to list all the treatment modalities available at Lux, we will attempt to list a few:

Comprehensive Exam
Bleaching, Teeth Whitening
Endodontics, Root Canal Therapy
Periodontics, Gum Therapy
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Restorative Dentistry, Fillings

Comprehensive Exam
A comprehensive exam entails a detailed head and neck oral exam. The purpose of this exam is to diagnose and address all your concerns. We utilize the latest and best in technology to help diagnose and address your oral health and esthetic concerns. The following are typically performed.

»  Head and Neck Exam
»  Oral cancer screening
»  Cosmetic evaluation
»  Full mouth Digital (LOW DOSE) X RAYS. This may be 20 individual films and/or a Panoramic Scan
»  Periodontal Exam (Gum Exam)
»  Intra Oral Photographs (You can see what we see)
»  A regular cleaning
»  Fluoride Treatment

Bleaching, Teeth Whitening
Depending on your time, requirement and budget, we have a variety of techniques in whitening your smile. We are also proud to state that we are one of the few offices in Massachusetts that offer “Deep Bleaching.”

Endodontics, Root Canal Therapy
We perform a full range of surgical and non surgical endodontic therapy. On average over 25 procedures are carried out every week at Lux. Very often it takes as little as 45 minutes from start to finish. We utilize advanced rotary Endodontics with magnification, in order to make your experience pain free and efficient.

Periodontics, Gum Therapy

•   Cleanings and Deep Cleanings (Scaling and Root Planing) :

We are proud to say that all cleanings are performed by Doctors themselves at Lux. We utilize advanced biosonic devices and hand instrumentation.

•   Gum Surgery :

Recession and other gum defects are routinely corrected at Lux. We are also experienced in treating a “Gummy Smile” with cosmetic gum surgery.

We place regular body and mini implants. We understand that implants can often times be costly, so please, come talk to us about mini implants.

•   Bridges :

We routinely make highly cosmetic and functional Bridges to close that gap in your smile. Our skilled ceramists are able to custom design a Bridge for you.

•   Dentures :

We make Cosmetic Dentures. That means they feel better, look better and are designed to be functional. We have a variety of techniques in keeping your dentures in your mouth. We utilize both implants and precision attachments.

•   Veneers:

Contact Lens veneers are routinely used to change the shape and color of teeth. Many of our Doctors have been performing smile makeovers for nearly a decade gaining trust both nationally and internationally. Don’t you deserve the best when designing your smile makeover? At Lux we will design your smile and have you evaluate it before we initiate treatment. We believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we make sure that you are satisfied.

•   Inlays, and Onlays :

For decades, inlays and onlays have been used as a means to restore teeth. At Lux we utilize advance Dental materials in fabricating such long lasting ceramic (white) or cast gold restorations.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
•   Biopsy :

Oral Cancer is one of the least diagnosed but most curable forms of cancer, if detected early. Detection involves a simple head and neck exam, and possible biopsy, using nothing more than a brush. At Lux, we make an effort to detect this life threatening disease. We have and continue to use the pathology services of world renowned Harvard Pathologist, our former professor, Dr. Sook Bin Woo. (http://www.pathsrv.com/about/staff-woo.html).

•   Exodontia, Teeth Extraction :

We routinely perform simple and surgical extractions. We also perform wisdom teeth extractions. Feel free to come in for a consultation.

Restorative Dentistry, Fillings
•   Composite Fillings, White Fillings :

Our Doctors are experts in placing white fillings. Like painting, we utilize the latest techniques in shade matching and shape matching to provide you with the most life like restorations that are both comfortable and invisible.

•   Amalgam Fillings, Silver Fillings :

If you are like the traditional durability and strength of amalgam restorations, we have these available as well.

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